14th Feb 2008 01:32pm
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Google, a while ago, brought out a free 3D modelling program called SketchUp and today I decided to download and install it. Everything installed correctly and you're welcomed with a little option of how you want your view, I prefer Top down.

And let me tell you... I have never in my life seen a 3D program so simple!! In less than 1 minute I had built this and added the textures. It is sooooooo simple. Good on you Google!

» Google SketchUp


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14th Feb 2008 17:19

Did you ever mess with "Unreal Editor"? I know Ashley used to, can't remember whether you did?

By Dad


14th Feb 2008 18:44

Dad... hush. You know I loved Unreal Editor... the amount of shit I made on it was unbelievable. I remember when someone did a plugin for Unreal Editor 2.0 (UT G.o.t.Y) that allowed the landscapes to be more landscape-y, couldn't get it to work though. :/

By Dale Hay


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