3rd Feb 2008 02:31am
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There is a site that I go onto which is a blog by an italian bloke who does mainly Flash based programming called Emanuele Feronato and there is a game that he had made called Chain Reaction, now it is an addictive game and its really simple to play, but does make the human race stressed at the same time.

The basic rules of it is simple, your mouse cursor is a circle and when you click your mouse you shoot 4 bullets (One up, one down, one left and one right) and when your bullets hit another circle then that circle explodes and shoots in a certain way. The green circles shoot the same way you do, the yellow ones shoot off diagonally and then, i think, the purple ones shoot in a hexagonal way - can't remember which way they do. The levels are fun and you should give the game a go and comment on what level you got to.

» Emanuele Feronato


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3rd Feb 2008 09:40

Completed it all, didn't like level 10.
very addictive ^^.

By Matt


3rd Feb 2008 19:02

Yeh game works fine upto the 3rd level, maybe just my pc?, keeps saying wont display message again and just seems to loop the same level over and over.

What happened to the Sunday ponder?

By Me


6th Feb 2008 00:46

Did it all very addictive cool game some of the supposed hard levels were the easyiest perhaps it was just a fluke
btw wheres convo world ?
how is everyone ?

By Pete


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