25th Jan 2008 01:32am
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A group of teenagers took what looked like to be a normal photo on their Sony Ericsson mobile phone and to their shock and suprise they ended up having another member in the photo that they never even knew was there. Below you can see their picture with what looks very clearly like a young girl. That parapsychologist bloke from Most Haunted, Ciaran O'Keeffe, explained the most stupidiest theory for the picture. "As human beings we're very good at finding a pattern in randomness and related to that we're good at finding faces in randomness. The term for this is pareidolia. First it was ink blots, then things like clouds in the sky and now mobile phone pictures. There is no ghost in this picture, just the coincidental effect of pixelation and darkness and light which combine together."
Oh shut up is what I say. Anyways... you decide.

Mobile Phone Ghost


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25th Jan 2008 23:22

Hi its just to let you know there is no ghost in the pic it was infact one of the girls son i know her and she told me herself and said that everyone was talking about it but it sure does look scary to me .

By lisa


26th Jan 2008 11:19

holy shit this is definately a ghost

By ghost hunter


29th Jan 2008 01:36

I'm more scared by the thing, 2nd adult from the right, is it a boy or a girl, lol......

What's with the crying kid on the right, that looks like it has been photoshoped on.

By Me


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