23rd Jan 2008 07:53am
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Four years ago NASA sent a spacecraft to Mars called Explorer and it ended up sending back some decent pictures including this one. What do you think?

Man on Mars


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24th Jan 2008 01:32

I think whoever thinks that is proof of life on mars is a complete idiot.

It's the same as the face on Mars in the 70s, and the countless images of Jesus on toast, doors and tortillas.
By Mike

27th Jan 2008 19:12

i think that life on mars is possible< the earth is tiny there could be other worlds not just us!!
By rachael

28th Jan 2008 09:59

The great thing is that the martian rover takes stereo photos, so it's possible to triangulate objects, getting both their distance from the rover and their size. This is 5 metres away and is about 6 cm tall. A mouse waling on its hind legs would be bigger...
By Keith

31st Jan 2008 20:28

thats where bin larden is hiding then hhhuuummm
By dominic

9th Apr 2008 20:44

Looks like a turd. But that would still be evidence wouldn't it?
By Nicholas Kamm

10th Apr 2008 01:41

... erm ... no ... not a turd. Nothing like a turd... unless you turd stuff that is weirdly unknown to humans. :/
By Dale Hay

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