20th Jan 2008 12:23pm
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Ok, I'm going to start doing a regular feature for Sunday... a "ponder" thing. Basically I ask a really silly question that you have to ponder on to think of the answer, then when you have the answer click the title of this news piece and add your comment with your answer below.

Question 1. Trees are living things, so if they're living, does this mean they feel pain?


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20th Jan 2008 12:57

Yes -they feel pain as they are living, but not in the conventional way or the same way we would feel pain as they have a different nerve system set up

By Jack


20th Jan 2008 21:43

No they do not feel pain because they have no central nervous system.

By Me


24th Jan 2008 14:46

Sort your webpage out...
The forum doesn't allow you to sign out, it always errors....... and the 'lost password' function where I suppose you get emailed your forum password..... it never emails it!

By Someone


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