8th Jan 2008 04:38pm
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GoonZu ProblemsThere is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called GoonZu that I play, at the moment my character is at level 46 and I am wanting to level up more, but yesterday the game server (Zeus) was down for about 6-8 hours, the reason... unknown. Though there was a fire in South Korea yesterday so it could have had been something to do with that, however today the game server has been soooooo laggy. I mean, I have just logged in and for the past 5 minutes none of my stats are coming through. I hope NDOORS does something about it, though I suppose I cannot really complain considering it is a free game after all. Oh and if you do get around to playing it, when it asks you for a recommender when you make a character, please put Tjazi. Thank you. :-)

» NDOORS: GoonZu


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14th Jan 2008 23:03

My ex was obsessed with World Of Warcraft. Scary.

How come I still haven't been sent a password from scallyvault? :( Please get back to me, I've been trying to log into the website for 2 weeks now!

By Alex Strachan


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