8th Jan 2008 09:51am
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OSX on Windows XPYuk. A combination of ObjectDock and FlyAKiteOSX has made my Windows XP act and seem like Mac OSX. My command prompt was edited too to be more like some kind of Kernal editor, also my uxtheme.dll got overwritten too so even when I booted up the Windows XP loading screen is replaced by a grey Apple with dots rolling beneath it. Weird sounds also came out when I minimized and maximized my windows. I would of had the "Finder" bar too, however it didn't go well together and ended up going all manky on me, so I decided to leave that out. However within a few minutes I got bored of it.


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10th Jan 2008 22:31

oooooo, very brave, ive heard / seen many forums posts with alot of problems with getting Kite off your system once bored with the initial "ooooo aint it pretty".

Hope your lucky or never get bored :p



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