24th Dec 2007 08:43am
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Over the past few days more information has been released about Street Fighter 4. According to various sources the game will be set after Street Fighter 2 and before Street Fighter 3, with the storyline more closer to Street Fighter 2. The game objects will be in 3D, however the game will play in 2D - just like it has before.

The "parry system", which was in Street Fighter 3 has been dropped and a "saving system" has been introduced, along with Ultra moves. New features and new special moves are there too along with the possible entry of the character named Sheng Long. Capcom are at the moment unsure about every character having just one super move or having multiple supers. In addition Ultra moves are to be introduced too, which are set off when you press either two Kick buttons or two Punch buttons. With ultra moves being powerful they have decided to make them long and very dramatic with loads of punches, kicks, etc..

Street Fighter 4 is to feature an online gaming section, with possible future features to allow players to download new characters and new stages. The characters returning with new designs and new special moves, so far, are Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Dhalsim. However the producer of the game has said "We're trying to use all the characters from the SNES Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and we're obviously cooking up new characters as well". So who knows, Ken might have a secret transexual sister who will become a fighter or a mini Bison.


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