28th Nov 2007 07:46pm
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For the past 2 days, for some reason, my laptop hasn't been able to pick up the belkin router so I couldn't get on the internet. So while I have been offline I have sat and re-created OCIWA. Soooooo tonight sometime probably in the early hours of this morning I will upload the new files for the game. So far all I have done on the game is so you can register and you get $50. It costs $30 to buy a person for your town, $1,000 for a house and when you get people you need to set them to a job, which at the moment is either a farmer (where you can get Corn) or a miner (where you can randomly get either Bronze, Silver or Gold). Your items are required for you to complete orders set by other cities that requires items in return for money. Also you can sell your items in the marketplace to other users too. So there is a lot of fun stuff that you can do. The online game will be in alpha testing, so expect errors, but so far I haven't found any problems as of yet.


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