14th Nov 2007 07:58pm
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A 51 year old man has been placed on probation for 3 years and also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 3 years for having sex in his own house... with his, wait for it.... BIKE! Yup, the bloke was caught by a cleaner in nothing but a white T-Shirt humping his beloved bicycle. Though he blamed it on too much drink. How weird.

» BBC News: Bike sex man placed on probation


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15th Nov 2007 14:10

it makes you wonder what this worlds coming too...

By kirstie


15th Nov 2007 15:41

Or what that bloke is coming onto. Eeek!

By Dale Hay


16th Nov 2007 15:49


was it you??? hehehe

By kirstie


16th Nov 2007 23:39

Dont forget about the others the one with the shoe and one with the pavement and one with the frozen chicken....you never hear of women doing such things..ha!ha

By mum


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