7th Nov 2007 12:15am
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Happy Birthday to Me, I'm now 20 years of age! Getting old but feeling good!!


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7th Nov 2007 16:20

Happy Birthday. In celebration, Im going out tonight dressed as a cow!!

By Jonny


7th Nov 2007 17:54

HAPPY Birthday Dale...... your at that strange stage of no longer a teen... not yet a man.... HAppy Birthday m8, hope you have a good 1. xx

By Jack


7th Nov 2007 18:47

Hope you have a fun and happy day!!
btw.. it's my birthday too! :)
So... I wish you all the best!!
Have a great day!!
Have an even greater year!!

By Anna


7th Nov 2007 21:07

Happy Birthday to u......Have a good one...lots of love and kisses mom.xxx

By mom


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