17th Oct 2007 04:16am
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Ok, a quick early morning tip for all you people out there that are getting bored of the same old junk that gets emailed to you, like get your dong enlarged or get sexy girls in your local area - fat girls more like, we all know some overweight sweaty momma is sitting on the otherend of the phone touching herself while endulging in a big mac. Anyways, back on subject... yeah spam emails. We all have them, we all get them. Below are a few questions answered about them.

Why do I get them?
You get them to earn other people money. You click the link in the email and buy something, the sender of that email gets money for your time.

How did they get my email address?
The chances are your email address has been entered onto a page thatshows your email address and has been picked up by search bots that scan webpages for any email address.

How do I stop them?
A majority of emails have a "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of them, however that is the thing you should NOT do. Why? Simple. Spammers send emails to millions of email addresses, some dud, some real. If you unsubscribe it shows your email address is active, hence you getting more. The only way really to get rid of them is turn on your spam filter settings in your email or blacklist the senders or change your email address.

I bet you don't know this...
A little tip that I have discovered, if your email address is a "no-reply@whatever.com" then you will no doubtibly recieve non spam at all. So if you have your own domain name and email address at your own domain name, then have it as "no-reply@" as this lowers your chances of getting spam.

There we go, a nice little round up of spam emails! Good morning to all dalehay.com readers! (Oh, if you like this news piece... please Digg it!)


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