7th Oct 2007 07:54am
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QUIDIt'll cost you £6.25! That's correct, because space tourism is a "reality" the geeks over at the University of Leicester have come up with the QUID (Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination) - a currency for space. The rate of exchange for the funky retro looking currency is £6.25 / $12.50 / €8.68 to one QUID - not really a decent bargain unless you've won the jackpot in a intergalactic casino. The QUID has a gorgeous look to them as the colour stuff that you see inside each one is a our Sun then the little black dots are, yes you guessed it, the eight planets.

On the business and farfetched and weird side of things, a company called Travelex has already submitted plans to open the first Bureau de Change on the moon, how mad!


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