28th Sep 2007 12:15am
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I am soooooo famous! Well not really famous but I have had one of my websites mentioned on another site. See, I was basically using Yahoo! Site Explorer to look at my back links to Sound Upload and came across an entry on a blog, so I clicked it and found out that my site was mentioned and fully explained. That has really put a smile on my face!

The website that I found it on is called WebSpawner. It's a website where you can setup your own little webpage for free using their easy-to-use tools. Go check them out, URL below.

» Sound Upload
» WebSpawner
» WebSpawner - Sound Upload Entry


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28th Sep 2007 13:42

so where on the site is it? i wanna c.x

By kirstie


28th Sep 2007 19:16

Well click the 3rd link down silly. (Titled "WebSpawner - Sound Upload Entry")

By Dale Hay


28th Sep 2007 20:54

i cant see dalehay.com anywhere on there...!?!

By kirstie


29th Sep 2007 01:29

That's because it's to do with my Sound Upload site. Read the article first! Dufus!!

By Dale Hay


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