25th Sep 2007 02:28am
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Also back on the TV is The Simpsons in their 19th season. You will noticed when you watch this that the usual opening titles have changed to what looks like the aftermath of The Simpsons Movie, plus on the couch gag you see the Spiderpig - who was shown a lot in the movie trailers. The episode is set around Homer helping Mr Burns and getting a trip in a private plane. He loves it so much that he wants to be in one again, though trouble happens when he tries to apply for a job at the local copper piping factory and fails, but tells the family that he got the job. The episode wasn't as brilliant or funny as it could have had been, but hopefully the next episode will have more humour in it.


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25th Sep 2007 09:05

Where do I see?! I only wanna see the new titles... lol

By Jonny


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