17th Jul 2007 05:46pm
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Do you always wonder what your children might be on when they are on your computer whilst your back is turned? Well I have created a program that will take a screenshot of the activity that is happening on your computer. The program is called dhSpy and it runs nicely in the system tray and is protected by a password, which changes everytime the program is launched.

As with all my programs, it is free to use and can be used on any Windows operating system, except Vista. Give it a go and see what you think of it. Information on how to use the program are available on the program information page.

» dhSpy


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17th Jul 2007 20:09

I completely hate the idea! I think kiddies should be allowed a little privacy! :) Well maybe I'm just biased... :)

By Rob


18th Jul 2007 05:42

Yeah, I suppose you're right that they may need a little bit of their own privacy. However, if you was a parent and your child ended up talking to another "young person" then went and met up with them without telling their parents and ended up getting abducted, then this program may come in handy if it is running.

By Dale Hay


18th Jul 2007 10:40

i think its good, incept i cant get it to work on my pc :(

By kirstie


20th Jul 2007 15:26

Yeah but then people would know if you'd been on other websites *cough* softcloud *cough*

By Rob


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