16th Jul 2007 11:27pm
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For the first time ever today, one of the videos on my YouTube account was removed by them. The clip is from South park Season 11 Episode 4 where Queen Elizabeth II decides to blow her brains out after finding out the American's found out the British were attacking them with Russian decoys. The clip only lasted 8 seconds too, oh well things like this happen.

Removal of YouTube South Park Video

» Dale's YouTube Account


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17th Jul 2007 10:04

Had a little look at your you tube account, i cant beleive u put "lynn" on you tube. Doing hey big spender

By kirstie


18th Jul 2007 16:08


When you look at the amount of copyright infringement on YouTube it is annoying that your clip was removed.

Why don't they remove 'happy slapping' clips and vids of people being blown up, beaten or bored to death with bloody boring yanks?!

By Miss Halliwell


19th Jul 2007 20:24

they shouldnt really have moved, fair usage would apply

By Martyn


19th Jul 2007 23:18

I wouldn't have had thought the fair usage policy would be anything to do with YouTube's decision to removing a video?

By Dale Hay


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