1st Jul 2007 07:02pm
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The whole of the United Kingdom now is no smoking, the ban came into effect at 6am this morning for England. So if you want a crafty fag in a bar, pub, club, restaurant, etc.. then you will need to stand outside to have it.


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1st Jul 2007 19:46

On no account should a total smoking ban be allowed ! That is pure fascism, those who are trying to enforce it are pure fascists, and as such are dangerous and should be fought tooth and nail as any dangerous fascist should.

The solution to the smoking/non-smoking problem is to have separate areas. That works perfectly well and there is no valid reason to change it. There is a lot of medical propaganda about smoking that is unproven or false, notably on the subject of passive smoking.

It is pure humbug. The rights of smokers are just as important as those of non-smokers and let no-one say otherwise. Hitler singled out the Jews in the 1930’s just like people are singling out smokers now. It is very very dangerous and these people must not be allowed to get away with this, if only because it is an open door to other things ………alcohol, fatty foods, car exhaust fumes etc etc. Rail Travel is dangerous, air travel, cars on the road.

You could argue that anything is dangerous and that it should be banned. The argument just doesn’t make sense. I have not one iota of doubt in my mind that these would-be banners are wrong and they must be stopped.

The other thing, the most hypocritical thing of all, is that if cigarettes were really as dangerous as they would have us believe, then their sale would be banned, wouldn’t it ? Ah yes, but there is too much money involved. Cannabis, which is not dangerous at all, is banned ? Why? No-one knows, but it does containes less dangerous products than tobacco.

All this goes to prove that the government are a load of hyprocrites and should in no case be listened to. It’s time the public stood up to these people who really take them for a bunch of idiots.

By Vic


2nd Jul 2007 16:23

It is unusuall comparing the holocaust to the smoking ban come on your firsdt idea was good in maintaining seperate areas but the the crap government would see that as marginalisation.

By sean


18th Jul 2007 16:12

I'm in Scotland so we've had it for aaages!

I avoid pubs and clubs now unless i am working a gig.

It is pure nazi-ism in Britain now.

You can rape, murder or rob but you must never ever smoke in public places! Bugger off!

I blame the government being so bloody arse licky with America.

And those people in Europe are needing to let Britain make our own decisions about OUR lives.

I get so annoyed at how much hatred there is towards smokers right now. What about raving lunatic drunks? When did you see someone smoke a ciggie and then batter the shit out of a stranger for no reason?

This country is getting worse. Before you know it, it will be illegal to smoke in your own home...

By Miss Halliwell


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