21st Jun 2007 08:58pm
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Well last weekend I was chating to Martyn and his mates. Marytn, Damien and Jamie were sitting on the bed and I was facing them and we were just nattering away as normal people do, when we heard a small taping on the door - like when someone wants to come in the room, so we said "come in" but nobody came in. We said it again and still no one came in, so we opened the door and no one was there. Behind the bed on the top bit of the wall is a little window bit so you can see who comes down the stairs and I am more than certain no one came down as I would have had seen them out the corner of my eye, like when you see a spider crawling along the floor. I ventured upstairs and Martyns father was in the living room watching the film Scum, but he swore down that he did not come downstairs. Though because I never saw anyone actually come down the stairs I knew he wasn't telling a porkie.

Jamie said it was not him, which I am sure it could not have had been as he would of had to have leant over so far to reach the door and knock it. Martyn and Damien were too far away to take part. Soooo it was pretty freaky, though I have personally, when going up the stairs from Martyns room, seen in the corner of my eye a figure wearing nothing but black at the bottom of the stairs. Martyns mother, Becky, has also had someone run past her in the Kitchen, head towards the toilet however when she goes towards the toilet, no one is actually there. Bit freaky but personally I think it is interesting.


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