26th May 2007 02:28pm
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Well at 1.53pm today my sister finally gave birth to a baby girl weighing 6lbs 8oz. They're fine as far as I know, but I am now an uncle. Urgh.


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26th May 2007 19:13

well im on the internet fne now at the hospital yes me n scott had a beautiful little girl at 1.53pm today she weighed 6lb 12oz, she the spitting dubs of her dad and she gorgous... :)

By kirstie


26th May 2007 23:57

6lb 12oz,and they are both fine...congrats on becoming an uncle..

By mumsy


27th May 2007 15:57

Yay! Congrats Dale! And Kirstie! And mumsy! And Scott! And everyone!!!

By Rob


29th May 2007 21:56

Congrats Dale and everyone!

By Rob Dewar


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