21st May 2007 09:10pm
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Well it's about time that I post these. These were recorded the other day while at Bar 68. Woooo, go me!

My Boy Lollipop

Beauty School Dropout

I am sorry about the sound and picture quality.


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21st May 2007 22:09

..didnt know u could sing....well done.

By mumsy


21st May 2007 22:35

I didn't either, but I've been taught. :D

By Dale Hay


22nd May 2007 00:39

Taught by the best oh yess!!!!

By Martyn


22nd May 2007 10:37

You look we`ll Nervous, I Can sing too dale!
Remember we used to do a duet to cher????

By Kirstie


22nd May 2007 12:38

Were u singing on the first one, or are you jst very good at sounding like the girl singing it?!! lol - well done mr - i'd never have t guts to do that - even if i was very very drunk!

By Jonny


22nd May 2007 14:16

Kirstie - Nah, I always look like that. Also I couldn't sing properly... I now know other things like a vibratto.

Jonny - Yeah I was singing in both of them, though I do this weird voice thing that sounds like Orville (That Birdie)

By Dale Hay


22nd May 2007 21:00

Wow, I was very impressed with that second one, that was quite something!

By Rob


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