19th May 2007 04:11pm
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Well it seems I've forgot to renew ConvoWorld, ooops. So give me a day or two to transfer it back over to Dale Hay . com for a while until I am able to purchase the domain again. Gotta wait 3 months / 90 days for the dropout period to be over. ConvoWorld members will get an email when it's sorted.


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19th May 2007 22:21

Well i do like being offered broadband when i try get on... lol Thanks mr x
By Jonny

20th May 2007 10:39

Thank God For That! it was doing my head in not being able to chat on there! x
By kirstie

20th May 2007 11:47

Thanks Daley! :)
By Rob

20th May 2007 18:55

Ain't you gave birth yet Kirstie?!!
By Dale Hay

20th May 2007 22:30

NO!! Im now overdue, she is making me wait until she is ready!

By kirstie

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