17th Apr 2007 11:51pm
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Are you not easily frustrated? If not then why not try this little game. It is still in development and currently only has 10 levels, but I am told that it will have 20 levels once it has been fully created. Give it a go and see how far you can get through it.


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19th Apr 2007 22:53

O.k now i know why it is frustrating,cos i keep hitting buttons that either turn off laptop or switch off net.This is not gonna beat me.
By mumsy

21st Apr 2007 19:36

Done it =D

Was well hard at first, but i got the hang of it in the end! Some dodgy ones tho...
By Alex

28th Apr 2007 14:22

Don't like it.
By Jonny

29th Apr 2007 19:50

how the bloody hell do u get past level one? as i was trying to for over half a hour.
By kirstie

1st May 2007 23:21

I did it,i did it.Yeh!!!That gets the old brain working.
By mumsy

5th Jun 2007 14:15

i did it in the end.... however never gona try another frustrating game again....:)
By kirstie

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