11th Apr 2007 01:32pm
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Well I am just sitting here watching the news and weather and they have said that the Met Office have said we will have a long hot Summer and that the current warm weather we are currently having is not seeming to want to end, so that has got me thinking. If it is warm here then the Atlantic should be warming up nicely which will be something to look out for in just under 2 months time when the official Hurricane Season of 2007 starts. I am unsure of the predictions for this years Hurricane Season just yet, but I will check up on that soon.

Oh and I found 20 quid note on the floor in the local park when going down town to cash my cheques. Lucky? I think I might put the lottery on.


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11th Apr 2007 17:43

Check you out mr!!! I forget you're a hurricane geek... lookin fwd to the forcasts. Maybe you can do some video pod casts of weather?!

By Jonny


11th Apr 2007 23:32

A video cast of the Hurricanes forecast and tracking path should be a good idea. It'll attract the American visitors to come to the site and get the updates. :D

By Dale Hay


13th Apr 2007 10:20

DO IT!! But make it slightly funny too.

By Jonny


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