2nd Apr 2007 12:57am
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I want to be a millionaire. Simple as. I know we all wish to be one, but I am being serious, I am going to try and become a millionaire within the next few years. I'll give an update within the next few weeks.


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3rd Apr 2007 10:12

saw ur posting ... u posted it on 1 apr
can't help wondering if u were serious.
u can tell us the truth coz it's not 1 apr no more.

PS hope u hav recovered from the muggin' ordeal.
u were in trouble coz the mugger thought u were a millionaire!
By Lisa

3rd Apr 2007 14:26

Lisa, I was being serious, plus this post has GMT time, when we're in DST (GMT +1) so it would have had been after April Fools. ;)
By Dale Hay

3rd Apr 2007 23:07

Good luck!

5th Apr 2007 18:20

Just dont forget your friends whenit happens.. Good luck..
By JustJack

5th Apr 2007 22:54

Well gud luck to you bud..... LEAST you forget your FRIENDS when it happens..
By Justjack

17th Apr 2007 12:54

dale i aint spoke 2 u 4 time m8 i want 2 speak we u bout shit
By sam

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