5th Mar 2007 01:18pm
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Well yesterday I got mugged, all over me wanting to goto the garage and get a Snickers. Well they got away with everything, including my Oyster Card, Bank Card, money, Tesco clubcard, Birth Certificate and ID Card. Oh also my fags and lighter.

The police came and took the details off me anyways and also Martyn's family went on a mission looking for the lads who did it to me but sadly couldn't find them. So at the moment i'm buggered for getting home or anywhere really. Luckily i'm being helped out a bit on my essentials.


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5th Mar 2007 14:47

Why were you carrying your birth certificate?

By Tom


5th Mar 2007 17:27

I carry my Birth Certificate because most places don't accept my ID card, so if I carry my Birth Certificate with me then they can cross reference everything.

By Dale Hay


5th Mar 2007 18:05

Not having a good week are you - I would have taken a copy of my birth cert - not the original - not good bud

Massive hugs - hope things pick up for you

Peter X

By Pete


5th Mar 2007 18:12

Dale. Your mates back home wish you more luck - and if there is ANYTHING any of us can do just bloody ask! ok?

By Biggles


5th Mar 2007 18:17

Damn that sucks D:



5th Mar 2007 19:12

Hope you're able to get it all sorted.

By Jonny


5th Mar 2007 19:37

Pete - I could have had but they wouldn't accept copies to cross reference the stuff with. It has to be the original. x

Biggles - Will do. :) I'm pretty cool at the moment, Martyn's family is happy with me stopping here longer as my money in my bank is secure but I cant withdraw it without my bank card or bank book which are being redelivered to my local bank office in 5 working days. Urgh. x

By Dale Hay


6th Mar 2007 17:06

you sound like your having a real bad week. you need all the luck u can get.if ya need anythink you got my email. ya big sista kirstie xx

By kirstie


7th Mar 2007 10:56

One of them weeks again son,as long as ur ok thats all that counts,replacement items are on there way. take care. love mumsy.xxxxx

By mumsy


7th Mar 2007 21:06

Who's this other Pete you have here mr dale :O
This is "Pete" from the forum (although i ent been arround for a while comuter problems an alsorts an lacking in time an life fu**ing me over an wellllllll yea a million other excuses but i WILL be back erm well sometime :p)
but just been catching up on your news an hope your ok man *hugs*
Pete x X x

By Pete


7th Mar 2007 22:24

Hi to the "Other Pete" in Dales life - I am the Pete that drove down to pick Dale up from London recently and took him back hehe

Dale it just goes to show how much people really do love you and the impact that you have had on there life - we all love you bud!

Massive hugs and hope normality will return soon.

The Number One Pete

By Number One Pete!


17th Mar 2007 17:45

We have finally managed to find out who mugged Dale and all will be delt with in Due Time! Once they find out who they have mugged they will be licking his arse left right and center!!

By Martyn


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