21st Feb 2007 05:27pm
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Well my goodness, how long has it been since I last updated my entries on here... geez! Well the past week and a half I haven't really been at home. First of all I spent a wonderful week at my moms and spending time with my little brother and sister and being able to smoke whereever I wanted (which is soooooo the life! Having a fag, browsing the internet - on wireless, having a few chocolate biscuits too while taking a dump). Also I met up and had a social drink with some of my mature mates over there (Peter, Terry and Steve). Then when I left my moms (thanks Peter for the lifts) I ended up popping over and spending time with my new partner - Martyn - and on the Saturday (17th Feb) we were just walking towards Trafalgar Square when two ladies passed us and I didn't think anything of it, until Martyn pointed out who they were... they were infact the one and only (well two and only) Cheeky Girls! I was well shocked at the fact that I just totally didn't click on when they passed me. So it was one of those photo oppourtunity moments, so out came my beloved k750i and "Girls, smile" and I now have met my first famous person (well people) since I've been down here. Immediately after I sent a mass message to like loads of contacts in my phonebook just bragging that I've just had a picture with the Cheeky Girls. *woo* Go me!

Dale Hay and The Cheeky Girls

Besides that everything else with me is cool, i've been eating properly too - with party nibbles, rice, chicken, chips, BigMacs and Beef and Onion pies (which Martyn's Mom and Dad cook lovely!)


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