15th Feb 2007 04:45pm
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Hmmm.. i've just sat and worked out, after looking at one of those NHS get unhooked adverts, that if I stopped smoking I won't really save that much. On average I go through 15 fags a day (sometimes less, sometimes more, so 15 is a decent average) so 15 fags a day, times 365 days a year shows me smoking 5,475 fags a year. So then I divided that by 20 (saying I brought packs of 20) and that shows I only buy 273 packets of 20 fags a year, totally (if £4.36 a pack) £1,190.28, and to be honest that really ain't a lot. I would work out how much I spend on alcohol but I'm too scared to find out the outcome of that! Though I haven't had a drink since last Friday (early morning). :p

So below you will see my wonderful algebraic calculation of how I worked it out.
(((x * 365) / 20) * y) = z
x = smoke a day
y = price of a pack of 20 fags (of your brand)
z = total cost


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16th Feb 2007 20:32

Or you could just write it as: z= 18.25xy

where x= smoke a day, y= price of 20pk, z= total cost.

Using Dales numbers that's 18.25*15*4.36=£1193.55. It's not the same as your answer because you rounded the number of packs of fags down from 273.25 to 273 a year. In fact you spend £3.27 more in a year than you said.

O.k i'm done being geeky now, that's a-level maths, gets to your head!

By Rob


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