12th Feb 2007 12:03pm
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Well according to this site I came across my Prison Bitch Name is Cream of Meat. A bit naff to be honest. So what's yours?

» Prison Bitch Name Generator


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12th Feb 2007 13:23

Mine is Butt Blaster. Hmm, I may mention it here and there and get myself a reputation. >wink<

By Kevin Larkin


12th Feb 2007 15:21

Oh my f***ing god!!! Mine was "Deep Throat"! No kidding!

By Rob


13th Feb 2007 13:03

Mines is SQUEALING PIGLET! How apt of a Friday night behind the local club!

By Deirdre Halliwell


6th Mar 2007 17:29

mine is "screws choice", my husbands is "the w**ker". oh and dale, mums is "turd burgular"

By kirstie


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