8th Feb 2007 04:31pm
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Well I went for my ultrasound scan today, well what I thought was going to be my ultra sound. Sadly it wasn't, it was just a little talk with the doctor. Urgh. Also sods law came into play here and the doctor couldn't find my lump. However he did ask me about if I've lost weight and I told him all about it and the fact that i'm now 26 inch waist and weigh 8 stone 12 pounds, so he referred me to the blood test unit and I've now had yet more blood taken from me and I will be awaiting the results of that, so hopefully they give me more stuff to sort my weight loss. I just think my metabolism is just ravingly high and needs calming down.


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8th Feb 2007 20:24


I totally feel for you!
I keep loosing weight and they dont know why.
I've had so many blood tests and they still dont know why!
They're just silly.

Well good luck!



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