8th Feb 2007 10:43am
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I don't get it, when we have a small light dusting of snow the country grinds to a halt - bus services stop, schools are closed, transport networks cut everything out. Yet today, with a load of snow - and my goodness you should see the 2 metre high snowmen people are making - we are doing fine. Schools are closed, airports are closed but the buses, train and tube are all working nice and fine. Well there are a few minor delays on some tube lines but nothing to worry about.

Oh one thing that I don't like though is the fact that when i'm innocently minding my own business walking upto the park to take some pictures I get ambushed by some teenagers ... personally i'm just thinking "Act your age!"

If you have any pictures of snowmen or snowy scenes then email them across to me and I'll put them on the site, the email address is: dalehay@gmail.com


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