4th Feb 2007 12:02am
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Well the once geeky Harry Potter is now, well somewhat a bit more interesting looking lad. Here are some pictures taken by Uli Weber, from Daniel Radcliffes website. Tell me what you think...

Daniel Radcliffe Picture 1
Daniel Radcliffe Picture 2
Daniel Radcliffe Picture 3
Daniel Radcliffe Picture 4


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4th Feb 2007 00:45

MMMM Yummy - would like to show him my wand and wave it all about - magic stuff !

By Pete


4th Feb 2007 10:03

My other half's mother now fancies him... I don't like the expanded pubic area myself... Its like the snail went SPLAT

By Jonny


4th Feb 2007 17:46

It's kinda freaky coz I remember him from Harry Potter and now he's got stubble! I don't like that snail trail hes got going on and those veins popping out of his arms are a little gross!

By Rob


12th Feb 2007 13:26

Okay, now that he's got a hairy chest he's officially WAY to old to be playing a schoolboy.
Like the fuzzy tummy though! >yum<

By Kevin


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