1st Feb 2007 10:05pm
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Well I was in the McDonalds in Barnet earlier having a Big Mac Meal with Strawberry Milkshake (as Chocolate Milkshake is sooooooo last year!) and I noticed a chubby camp bloke behind the counter. Now the reason I was happy was not because he was camp but because he did actually motivate the team. He was shouting at the staff telling them to get the burgers done quicker and efficiently also when an old lady came in he told her to sit at a table and he'll come over and take her order - to allow her to not wait standing up. I thought that was very kind of him. Nice to see people that work in McDonalds have a few standards. :)


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1st Feb 2007 17:21

I had MAJOR McDonald cravings earlier today... damn you.

By Jonny


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