28th Jan 2007 06:33pm
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Road to recovery? I think not!!

I'm still ill and the way it feels I am getting worse. I've been given anti-biotics from the Hospital to take, though the doctor at the local surgery says don't take any anti-biotics and that will upset your belly. I've had blood tests here and there, urine samples here and there, stool samples too.

I've stayed off dairy products too, am on Soya milk - which is gorgeous!! I'm drinking one of those Actimel things a day too, which are tasty. However I still feel like crap. I'm now going to stay on just water.. no alcohol - eek! So hopefully I get better that way.

All this illness is seriously damaging my reputation .. because I can't go out to a club/bar because as soon as I pass wind... the club would be evactuated. Urgh.


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29th Jan 2007 16:13

Oh, hope you are feeling better soon :)

By RobD


31st Jan 2007 14:36

I'm ill too. Its rubbish

Get well soon x

By Jonny


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