20th Jan 2007 03:32am
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Right, i'm being lazy and eating McDonalds yet i'm still losing weight!! I've lost 1lbs in two days .. so now I weigh a whole 8 stone and 12 pounds. Compared to the just-under 11st that I weigh mid-2006. How the hell do I put on weight!?!!


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21st Jan 2007 14:43

My scales said i had lost a stone and a half in a week. i so haven't. they lie.

By Jonny


21st Jan 2007 21:14

I know. I actually lost like half a stone over Christmas and I had so much to eat. I'm only 8 stone 6 and i'm 6'3. I'm supposed to be something like 11 stone but whenever I eat the weight seems to come off, loads of people get mad at me for it. :)

By Rob


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