8th Jan 2007 08:10pm
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Yup, only 68% but still it's better than nothing ain't it!! :D

Proof! (He is on the left!) Look a Likes

Yeah! Suck on that result!! ^_^

» MyHeritage Face Recognistion


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8th Jan 2007 19:53

still thow m8 u look 100% gay as allways :P

By dom


11th Jan 2007 07:10

I did that and all I got were girls for my matches!

By THX1138


11th Jan 2007 20:25

This is what my one is!! Chris did it for me :D

[img]http://www.dalehay.com/i/1168546928me looklike.JPG[/img]

(hope it works, if not, I look: 74% Ashton Kutcher, 73% Brendan Fraser, 72% Harry Connick Jnr, 66% Drew Fuller(?), 62% Gary Valencio (?), 61% Maradona :( , 60% Tom Welling :p and 60% James Blunt :S

By Jonny


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