8th Dec 2005 05:00am
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Well there's me thinking today cannot get better, well it can! A few days ago I lost a "wallety" thing, which contains my Student College ID Card, Bank Card, Bus Pass and another card... well about 5 minutes ago I got a phone call from my college. The tutor (Mike Waters) told me it's been found and a lady is looking after it for me. :D So i'm proper pleased about that!
Then secondly, i've had two T-Mobile sim cards delivered to me ... each offering 1000 free texts and £100 calling credit. All I have to do is whack £10 on it. Thats great!
Then you should all know what my next exciting thing was *points to story below*. :D
AND my chest / breathing problem is really sorting itself out, and i'm starting to feel much better!!


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