4th Dec 2006 01:28am
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Well woke up this morning and noticed some strange faint rash things on the back of my hand. Soooooo just left them for a while and they're still here... so i've got another thing to add to my list of awkward things that are happening to me.

Oh and also my laptop officially went to Laptop heaven on the 1st, meaning everything is now lost as the harddrive has completely died. All my web design stuff, all my old college stuff and all my plans and updates for all my sites. eek!!

I'm not having a good December at all, also I was supposed to be going home to visit my mom for the festive period on the 1st too, but something bad happened ... my boyfriends car ended up breaking down and the engine started smoking. How fecking annoying!!


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5th Dec 2006 14:32

haha m8 unlucky

By sam


14th Dec 2006 10:18

might not all be gone though

By St


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