7th Nov 2006 07:48pm
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Happy Birthday to ME !! :D YAY! WOO!


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7th Nov 2006 20:14

Hiya Dale,

Happy birthday m8! Just been checking out ur vid - awesome!

Have a good evening m8!

Dan xx
By Dannyboi

7th Nov 2006 22:26

Happy Birthday you sexy little fucker.
By Dave

8th Nov 2006 05:10

Happy birthday mate! ;)
I wish you all the best in your live!

By Dow

8th Nov 2006 09:05

Happy Birthday 2 u!
Happy Birthday 2 u!
Happy Birthday dear dale
Happy Birthday 2 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love u lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
:) :)
By kirsty crees

8th Nov 2006 18:48

Thank You ^_^

- Dale
By Dale Hay

10th Nov 2006 00:15

happy 19th gorgeous

By Dom

10th Nov 2006 18:13

Happy Birthday hot Vid btw i'm on fitlads.
By Josh

12th Nov 2006 19:10

What video....

(PM me - i wanna know!!)
By Jonny

12th Nov 2006 19:59

The Hey Big Spender one. :)

- Dale
By Dale Hay

14th Nov 2006 19:36

hahah. oo that viseo.. =]]
By Matt

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