2nd Sep 2006 06:29am
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Ok, so this company have released a browser called Browzar. It runs off the Internet Explorer engine, so webpages and stuff work the same as it does in Internet Explorer and also its a single .exe file. Well the hype about it is the fact that it removes all traces of what websites you've been on upon exiting the program. To be honest, this is a bag of crap considering you can already do this, and now BBC News website has some jibberish on it. I mean even I could, if I sat down, make a browser that does the same. Doubt i'd get the coverage... i'll probably just get told the idea is lame.

Anyway, if you wish to try it then you can download it from there website and try it out. To be honest I think its pants and a very old idea.


» Browzar


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2nd Sep 2006 11:57

Also looks shite!
By Jonny

2nd Sep 2006 15:04

Indeed it is!

- Dale
By Dale Hay

4th Sep 2006 19:23

It also comes in a minging silver colour too.

Also I read that it possibly contains Ad-Aware in it too. eek!
By Dale Hay

5th Sep 2006 20:58


The Register hates it too.
By Tom

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