30th Aug 2006 06:00am
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Ok, we all get a bit annoyed with silly website adverts don't we? Like pop-ups with those annoying big smilies on going "oh my god!" when you roll over them. Well there is one advert that has caught my attention over the past few weeks and I think its really funny. Well I personally think its funny, not sure about you ... but it's from a site called SitePal.

What you do is simply type your message into the box then press the [speak] button on it and then the person says what you've typed. Now me being all childish and immature, decided to see if it could swear... hahah it does! I've actually spent hours recording loads of sayings from here, I might merge them together and create a audio broadcast of a Jerry Springer type show. :D

» SitePal - Talking Advertisement


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1st Sep 2006 09:44

Or maybe a NEW Dale Hay Radio/Pod Cast!!

By Jonny


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