20th Aug 2006 06:00am
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Well i've found my old project originally called Metric to Imperial Converter, but now renamed to Dale's Converter. I've sorted a main bug out on it - but more work is needed on it though.

If you want to use it then you will need the .NET Framework installed on your computer. Then just download it, and extract the ZIP file and run the 'converter.exe' file. (It doesn't need to install at all! So you could just run it straight off a floppy disc, cd, or USB device).

» Dale's Converter


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22nd Aug 2006 09:39

Dale's Converter is good
By santa

22nd Aug 2006 21:28

nice converter.

what software did you use to build it?
By dave

23rd Aug 2006 00:45

I used Visual Basic .NET (2003) to create this application. :)

- Dale
By Dale Hay

26th Aug 2006 16:22

gr8 website wt did u use to create ur website
By Dan

30th Aug 2006 15:30

I created the sites graphics in Adobe Photoshop, then used Notepad to do all the coding in. :)

- Dale
By Dale Hay

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