4th Jul 2006 06:00am
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Well today is the day when back in 1776 we (Britain) gave America to the erm.. Americans. :) Yep, Independence Day. No big UFO mother ships though. :p Enjoy your day Americans. Have a drink for me. :)


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4th Jul 2006 00:25

If only it was that simply. You (Britian) didn't exactly give us up so willingly. Took a few years of kicking your ass (arse) on the battlefield until in 1783 you (Britian) finally decided to give up. ;)

By jake


4th Jul 2006 00:33

I'm unsure on the history of it as we don't get teached that in schools in UK. We just learn about Henry VIII and the Industrial Revolution. I was just trying to remember that stuff off the top of my head. :)

- Dale Hay

By Dale Hay


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