22nd Jun 2006 06:00am
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Over the past two weeks I've been hiding the fact that I'm ill. Inside me is feeling awful - upset stomachs, weight loss (2 stone in 2 weeks), the odd bit of blood from "behind" and the odd stomach pain. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me... I feel like crap! So I'm going to be having a rest from a few things and give myself a "refresh" period. If for any reason the site goes down, that's because i'm not online to pay the bill as I'm no where near having money to pay anything! I cannot afford my internet bill, domain name renewal OR my hosting. So if everything ends up going down - bare with me and i'll try and get hold of some money from somewhere to fund things, unless you fancy donating a bit of money to the site by PayPal. (My PayPal email address is: dalehay@gmail.com ) - At the moment anything will help.
I am looking for a job too - but no where ever seems to have anything going, which sucks really badly! Urgh!
So if you don't see/hear from me for a while then it's because I'm just not up for coming online ...
Take care for a bit. :) Dale xxx


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