13th Jun 2006 06:00am
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Well at 2.40pm today (Tuesday 13th June 2006) the power in my house went. As normal with power cuts they usually sort themselves out within 30 minutes, however this one was different. I decided to go downtown with my mom to the doctors to see what these "spots" were all over my little sister. We got back around 4pm to find the power had still gone. The neighbours were out in their front gardens nattering about it. Only one bloke had power - he kept joking that he'd sell us a kettle-full of hot water for 50p.

It got to 4.30pm and we decided to contact the electric company (Powergen). They told us their "systems were down" and to "phone back tommorow". Obviously this is unacceptable due to us having to feeed a almost 2 year old and a 6 month old. I popped down the council to see if they could do anything, sadly they couldn't.

Luckily my mom put the hot water on earlier and none had been used, so the baby could have a dodgily-warm bottle of milk. We are now really limited now as the electric has gone because the phones are digital, kettle, oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, TV, computer and lights are all electric. Luckily it's not winter! As the fire is gas, but only works through an electric pump.

At the time of writing this (on paper - then copying onto laptop when the power comes back on) i'm smoking a fag in front of a candle which makes me look like Florence bloody Nightingale. It's currently 10.50pm. I've had my phone off to save my battery as I cannot charge it, I'm now starting to understand how the cave people were.

The electric company repair people are outside doing work but have said they "will work through the night" until the electric is back on - unless someone complains about the noise they're making. The only noise they are making though is from the saw that is sawing the concrete. Oh this is fun. I need to wash my clothes but can't - i'll have to wear the same ones as today for tommorow ... like I don't already. (j/k!)

I'm having internet withdrawal symptoms at the moment - missing ConvoWorld and this place and MySpace and other sites. I'm glad I never went into Big Brother - i'd be bored off my titties!! (Note: I didn't audition for Big Brother - I was just told that if my mates had got a golden ticket they would give it to me, so they could watch me in the house.)

Bored! Bored! Bored! I'm so bored at the moment I feel like writing a novel about a German womens love for a transexual black afro-caribbean priest ... or so bored I might pray!! My goodness! It's eleven o'clock now... the power has been off for 8 hours and 20 minutes! I can still hear sawing outside - I hope no-one complains since its after 11pm now.

Well it's currently 1.20am and still there is no electric! My candle is onto it's 2nd layer and burning bright as usual. I'm currently listening to "Children of the Night" on whats left of my MP3 Player battery - as that is about to go too.

My mom and the kids have fell asleep - though i'm alive and kicking (as usual!) but don't really have anything to do. I don't think i've thought abou thte internet this much since I went from 56k to 512k. He he. Ooo Shania Twian - Don't be Stupid - is playing ... wonderful. :)

2.15am - Still no electricity! I'm starting to feel tired now, but don't want to goto sleep. I've just read on the back of our power suppliers (Powergen) letter and it states "You may be entitled to compensation if you've had loss of power for more than 18 hours". So if the power is still off by 8.40am then we can try and get compensation - knowing Powergen there compensation would be a "Sorry" and 10 quid.

As soon as the power does come on i'm going to go for a satisfying dump then putting my laptop on charge and to type this up. I will date it as yesterday (13th) as it's now Wednesday.

Wooo! It's 2.45am and the power has just come back on! So that's 12 hours and 5 minutes the power has been off... well no chance of getting any compensation ... but a crappy phone call to Powergen should hopefully sort something out. :) Ahhhh sleeeeeeepp!!! :D


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14th Jun 2006 18:14

LMAO omg i would so die if that happened to me.

By matt


14th Jun 2006 18:59

U budding author u!

Well I been ill so missed out on teaching maths.... what a shame!

By Jonny


18th Jun 2006 14:56

hahaha wud let u push me into the wall just to show i am a ruff bitch hehehe love these things


By bruce manchestergay off fitlads


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