9th Jun 2006 06:00am
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If you ever see a dodgy wall... never push someone onto it... I mean look here is a dodgy wall

Dodgy Wall

And, well, what can I say... we pushed someone into it and, well, they fell. Sort of. Oops!

Dodgy Wall


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9th Jun 2006 21:12

that is fucking funny dude



11th Jun 2006 16:05

Lmao. thatsgood. x]

By matt


11th Jun 2006 21:21

Its like something from 999! Where's Michael Burke?

By Jonny


13th Jun 2006 01:16

lmao, thats funny. :)



13th Jun 2006 12:39

that's is really funny dale hay

By Dhan


16th Jun 2006 14:00

cool, that means that i don't have to put up with dom next year. your the best dude:D

By Spyke


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