29th Apr 2006 06:00am
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EasyMobile are doing a brilliant offer on SIM cards, you simply purchase one online for 1 pound, then they add 20 quid calling credit on it PLUS give you that quid back too... so you literally get a free SIM card PLUS 21 pounds worth of free credit. The pricing rates are fairly cheap too.

Calls to EasyMobile phones: 3p / minute
Calls to other networks: 15p / minute
Texts to EasyMobile phones: 1p / msg
Texts to other UK numbers: 5p / msg
Photo Messaging: 20p / msg

EasyMobile (It's on the left)


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1st May 2006 22:45

Hope you charging for the advertising space or are you gettin a supply of free sim card

anyway heard its ok but watch out for this (off the FAQ easymobile.com):

Q What is Minimum Usage?

A. In the event that your usage is below 5.00 over a 3 month period (i.e. if your actual usage in the months April, May & June is 4.99 or less) we will apply a charge of 75p which is deducted from your account balance. This charge will be applied every month until your spend exceeds 5.00.

We introduced this charge to support our commitment to all of our customers of keeping costs to a minimum & for the full advantage to customers that actively use our service.

We will endeavour to let you know in advance if you may incur the 75p Minimum Usage Charge via email. We will also inform you if the charge has been applied to your easyMobile.com account via email. The charge is usually applied on or around the 7th of the following month.

By John

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