6th Dec 2018 12:19am
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Well this week has started off with my mood being somewhat different compared to the previous weeks. It has been up and down more times than a whore's drawers. Thankfully though, after calling the doctors surgery this morning, I was informed that my prescription was ready and available to pick up, so I shot out of bed and went straight to the doctors to pick it up. When I got it I noticed that it was for a month (usually, during this nightmare of transferring details and what-not, it's only been for a week, then the rigmarole repeats again) and that it was now on a 'repeat' too, which means all medical folk are happy with me taking it - without having to go for consultations, etc. My review on it though does fall on my month of birth (November). So the major weekly nightmare now doesn't exist. Yay.

My afternoon group session was once again relaxing and interesting. Them taking the breathing and mind-cleansing approach to recovery is really working out good. It's like I'm undergoing the Buddhist way of life - minus the haircut, and robes exposing my titties. During the group I did mention about yesterday's incident, which they all reminded me to remember the "but you didn't" line.

Had my evening AA meeting too, the room was full again this week with a mixture of old and new faces. And it was an enjoyable session. Once I finished there I did pop into the pub a few doors down, it sounds counterproductive, but hear me out. This is the pub that I pop into usually every other day, have one glass of Pepsi then venture home (gives me an excuse to use the toilet too - my bladder control has gone weird since being sober), so the landlord and landlady recognise my face as the 'new one in town'. I haven't been in for almost a week, and last night the only cashpoint machine in town was robbed from the Co-Op. Call me crazy, but if I were a local, my mind would start to think "hold on, new person shows their face from miles away, keeps themselves to themselves, disappears for a bit, then something like this happens". Maybe I'm overthinking, but I just wanted to show my face just so that folk knew I'm nothing to do with it. Hah, check my silly mind out.

Oh, I've found out too that when football is on, people of my age range venture out. This is the first time I've seen them. They do exist. Hoorah! Now I just need to learn to understand football... who's that dude wearing black and blowing a whistle?


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7th Mar 2019 03:23

wish you better days... im a few years into sobriety... and like you if i am in a pub i drink sodas... id often hit the bottle hard when low in mood alone at home... and years later when i had a room mate she hated me drinking on my own... it was always better when her and me had a drink in my room casually... but then i just stopped drinking... and i really dont miss it... just the company when i drank with friends... but not the drinking... Good Luck and thanks for the awesome apps... keep writing programs and making your money... and living your best Life... im recovering from Depression/Bi Polar and PTSD... and the meds do help but so does being happier and healthier and having friends... take care!

By kae


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