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Sobriety [Day 15 - Day 21]

Following on from my previous blog post on here, you are aware that I finished my detox programme at 9am on Monday 22nd October. I will continue to document what I am doing from there on, as there seems to be interest in what I am doing. So here we go.

After leaving rehab at 9am on Monday morning, we scooted back home where I was able to have a quick shave (as my shaver had been confiscated upon my arrival, so I wasn't about to shave during my fortnight stay) and also drop my stuff off. After shaving and composing myself, The Mother dropped me off in town at Addaction for my 10am start of the Self Empowerment Group day programme. Recognised two faces within that group from when I used to attend the Monday and Friday morning alcohol groups there, so I felt at ease (it's always a bit strange going into something new). This day programme is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm.

The Monday group was nice to start the week off and introduce myself and I was able to give the group a rough summary of what I've been doing and where I currently am with things. After the session, The Mother met me and we tootled off to the card shop so that I could get two cards for rehab (one for the staff at the Centre, and one for the others at the House). After that we returned home and I sorted out my washing and began to return back to 'normality'.

Tuesday morning started with me waking up early (as if I was still following the rehab schedule), taken my morning medication - was the last in the box, the rest of the medication would arrive later that day. Informed The Mother that I was alright with walking to and from the town on my own to attend my day programme, as I wouldn't be passing any of my 'triggers'. Once I got back, another two weeks worth of medication had been delivered. I then decided to attend my first external meeting. I have a choice to attend either AA, NA or CA. The only evening meeting was AA, so I decided to venture there and see what it was like.

When I arrived, a few of the others were there, which was great as that also made me feel less nervous. I took note of how the meeting was structured, listened to the person sharing and also the following people sharing feedback and their experiences. After attending just one session I felt different... the feeling was hard to describe, but it was a pleasant one.

Wednesday was a day off from my day programme, so I decided to call the doctors at 8am and book an appointment, tried numerous times until 9am and still couldn't get through. That slightly pissed me off. Then the dog and cat were both pissing me off. So I felt the need to get out of the house, then I remembered that a separate group was being held in the afternoon, so I went down the town and attended that. It just felt weird having a day where I had nothing planned/to do, I wasn't used to it.

Thursday morning I woke early and attempted for the second day to try and get through to the doctors, finally after a few attempts I got through and made an appointment for the afternooon. I attended my day programme, then went to the doctors and handed in the letter from the medical staff at rehab that listed what I was currently on. The doctor prescribed me a months worth of Vitamin B Strong Compound Tablets and also Thiamine tablets, but said that he couldn't prescribe me Antabus[e] or anymore Acamprosate as they doctors don't prescribe Antabus[e] (Addaction will though) and that someone at Addaction will need to let the doctor know if I need anymore Acamprosate as it's 'amber' on their 'traffic light of medication' scale. I later attended another AA meeting in town that evening.

Friday came quite quickly this week, it literally felt like I blinked and the end of the week was upon me. It's shot by. Had another humourous day programme (they're just how I like them - and how I've mentioned before in other posts - that right mixture of seriousness and humour blended). The day flew by and before I knew it, I was heading out down the town for another evening meeting at AA.

The week turned into the weekend, and as there's no day programme on Saturday, I decided to attend the lunchtime AA meeting, then attend the evening AA meeting. The lunchtime meeting was quieter (smaller group) than the evening ones, so it felt more intimate. I spoke to a fair few people there too - as I was a 'new' face. I saw a few of these at the evening meeting too. And I was asked if I wanted to be part of their 'team' ... this is my first week doing this kind of stuff and I'm already being asked to be a part of the team. I did ask what would be expected of me if I were to say 'yes', they said they could assign me to either help meet and greet people, or help set up/close down, etc., I did say that I would think about it, as my head is still all a muddle at the moment trying to get used to this 'new me'. But two meetings in one day, not bad going if I may say so myself.

End of the weekend now (Sunday), there is an AA meeting, but it's a bit out the way. So I stuck to what I've been doing the last two Sundays and that's attend the 11am Church session at one of the Churches in the area. It's a lot more jollier and uplifting than your normal ordinary 'all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small' type of service, plus some of the songs performed have actions - think Poundland Butlins within a Church. I ended up seeing some of the people from the House, which was good to see how they were all doing, one of them seemed a bit off with me for some reason, but hey-ho, they need to learn that when I say 'no' -well it was more 'fark off' and 'shove it up your arse'- I mean no. When the service had finished they mentioned they were attending a meeting later on, which is one that I had highlighted anyway, so when I attended this meeting (this meeting was an NA (Narcotics Anonymous), instead of AA, but alcohol is a drug, so the group is still applicable to me), I got to see a handful of them again.

Blimey it's been cold outside, milder but unsettled this coming week. Talking of this coming week, I've got to plan time to see various people, along with which groups I will be attending, along with my day programme stuff and also appointments. Busy busy busy, but it's good, it's keeping me occupied and focused on the matter in hand. 21 days sober and counting! Onwards and upwards.

(Day 15: Mon 22nd Oct - Day 21: Sun 28th Oct)

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