24th Oct 2018 06:27pm
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Well, the day cometh.

Woke up at 7am, had the morning meeting at 7:30am, followed by breakfast, then made sure everything was all packed up and forms were filled in. Had my medication for the morning, then sat around waiting.

I was sat in the living room area, then two of the others clocked a car on the drive, they looked out the window and one of them said "Ooo it's a nice piece of gash", I looked out the window and having clocked that it was The Mother, I exclaimed to this other that that was my Mom, they suddenly burst out laughing and kept saying sorry. It was soooo funny.

A staff member returned my items to me (including my phone and bank card), then after having signed for that I quickly went around giving everyone that was present at the time a hug, then I used the signing out book for the final time and walked out, as a free man, to the open world once again.

9am and the car leaves the property.

Now for the next step.

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